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President's Message

President's Message

A Message from Our President

Thanks to dramatic advances in IT, vast quantities of information can now be delivered instantly and at low cost. Consequently, knowledge is being exchanged on an increasingly global scale, and the world is seeing connections being further reinforced across all industries and disciplines.

Nevertheless, Congrès Inc. believes that face-to-face communication remains as important today as it ever was. Since our founding in 1990, we have prioritized the creation of fora where people can meet and interact in person. With our solid track record of success in international meetings, academic conferences, cultural and tourist facilities and so on, we are perfectly placed to help our clients realize their aspirations.

In recent years, we have taken up a growing number of new challenges, such as hosting our own exhibitions and participating in urban planning projects centering on MICE facilities. Going forward, we intend to continue working in concert with Congrès Group companies and other organizations as we strive towards a better future.

Noriko Takeuchi

Visual Identity