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Convention Planning & Management

Convention Planning & Management

Providing All-Round Support for Large Conventions,
Right from the Planning and Preparation Stage

Congrès Inc. is a “one-stop shop” offering the full spectrum of convention services. Our services accommodate various styles of conventions and events from onsite, to hybrid and virtual.

We cover everything from building the grand design necessary to launch a convention, and preparing the draft budget, to handling participant registration, preparing the program, providing day-of, on-site logistical management and arranging a simultaneous interpreting team.

We leverage our knowhow across a wide range of events including corporate meetings, exhibitions and trade fairs, earning high acclaim. Joining forces with Congrès Group companies such as our IT solution provider Mice One, we ensure success for conventions, exhibitions and other events, regardless of format or style.

Service Steps

  1. 01
    We propose services tailored to organizers' needs and budgets, covering all aspects of planning an international meeting, from conference bidding, preparing the expenditure budget and suggesting venues.
  2. 02
    Advance preparation
    We prepare and manage schedules and budgets, provide support for the drafting of scientific/academic programs, handle publicity and participant registration, and arrange transport and accommodation.
  3. 03
    On-site logistical management
    We handle all the operations involved in on-site logistical management, including venue setup and decoration, equipment operation, ceremony and reception staging, security and access control, organizing staff and volunteer management.
  4. 04
    Post-event processing
    We handle report preparation, event video production, bill settlement and accounting.

Related Services

Virtual / Hybrid Conventions

Styles of conventions and events are expanding beyond conventional boundaries. We offer support for new styles of interaction and communication that are emerging to meet new lifestyles. These include fully online conventions and events with the advantages of flexibility in time and location, and hybrid conventions and events which integrate the benefits of onsite and virtual conventions.

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Multilingual services

Leveraging the knowhow and the international network we have built up over years of managing Summits and other international ministerial-level meetings as well as large-scale events, we offer the global communication services (interpreting, translating and document preparation) essential to any international meeting.

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IT services

The great advantage of our IT services is that they can be flexibly customized to meet our clients' needs. Our offerings include online ticketing systems and websites, which are essential for the smooth handling of online registration, and our own "My Schedule" app enabling users to look up and view abstracts on their own devices.

We work in concert with Mice One – a Congrès Group company – on the development and management of IT systems.

Corporate meetings and events

Congrès handles a large number of meetings hosted by major corporations. These include new-product launches and seminars held by pharmaceutical companies, investor conferences held by financial organizations, and corporate meetings. Always striving to respond to recent trends, such as the increasing focus on compliance among pharmaceutical companies, we also provide services delivering a high level of customer satisfaction for all types of corporate events.