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Congrès Inc.’s President’s message published in Keidanren’s monthly journal, August 2021 issue

Congrès Inc.’s President’s message published in Keidanren’s monthly journal, August 2021 issue

The August 2021 issue of the “Monthly Keidanren” journal published by Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) featured a “Message from Keidanren Executives” contributed by Takeuchi Noriko, President of Congrès Inc. and Vice Chair of the Board of Councillors, Keidanren.

“Monthly Keidanren” is Keidanren’s official journal that disseminates policy proposals and opinions from industry in regard to important economical, industrial and labor-related issues Japan is facing.

The journal provides analysis and commentary by top executives and experts on the latest information and trends related to timely themes. (Description from Keidanren Business Services website (translation).)

This edition’s theme was “Promoting new styles of university education and industry-academia collaboration looking toward the future post-COVID-19.” Takeuchi comments in her message, entitled “Incorporating the advantages of online formats to generate new possibilities for industry-academia collaboration,” that the MICE business, one of the core domains Congrès is engaged in, has a deep-rooted connection with universities and research institutions, through fora that debate scholarly and scientific issues.

Takeuchi also introduces concretes example of industry – academia collaboration, such as the student-planned events under the “MICE Talent Development Program” in collaboration with Nagasaki City and Nagasaki University, for the inaugural festivities of the “Dejima Messe Nagasaki” large-scale MICE facility scheduled to open in November 2021. Another example is Takeuchi’s participation as a lecturer at the “Happy Career Program – Cultivating Women Leaders Course” hosted by Kwansei Gakuin University, a pioneer in recurrent education for women.

The full article has been published on Keidanren’s official website. We invite you to read the article by clicking on the button below to access the journal’s page on Keidanren’s website.