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New website category on Sustainability

New website category on Sustainability

Congrès Inc. has added a new “Sustainability” category to our official website.

Since our founding in 1990, Congrès Inc. has been consistently engaged in communication, dedicated to our work – planning, proposing, choreographing and delivering – with the objective of facilitating interaction between people in the hope that the connections will serve, even in a small way, to promote mutual understanding around the globe.

As part of our business portfolio, we are actively involved in creating MICE meetings & events that are fora for communication and interaction. In this domain, we are tackling initiatives, including ecologically-friendly procurement and utilization of IT to save natural resources, to ensure sustainable MICE, through which to contribute to promoting the destination where the meeting/event is held, revitalizing the region and enhancing Japan’s as well as the destination city’s brand.

Congrès will continue to pursue progress in science/academia & industry and solutions to the issues facing society today, and contribute to achievement of the SDGs.

We have created a new website category on Sustainability containing a special message from our president and details of our activities “Congrès & SDGs.”
Going forward, we intend to substantiate the contents and disseminate more information on the activities we are tackling toward realization of a sustainable society.