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Congrès Inc. to operate 31st General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress 2023 Tokyo

Congrès Inc. to operate 31st General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress 2023 Tokyo

Congrès Inc. has been appointed through a tender to manage the scientific meeting, scientific exhibition and general exhibition of the “31st General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress” (President: Masato KASUGA), to be held in April 2023 in Tokyo.

The Japan Medical Congress is jointly organized by the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences (JAMS), comprised of 136 specialist medical societies in various fields including the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine and the Japan Surgical Society, together with the Japan Medical Association and the Japanese Medical Science Federation. One of the biggest academic conferences in Japan with approx. 30,000 attendees, the congress is nicknamed the “Doctors Olympics” as it is held every 4 years in a different city in Japan, gathering health care professionals and researchers from diverse fields of medical science and treatment together in one place to debate important issues of concern.

The 2023 congress aims to be a forum for open communication, through programs not only for doctors, health care professionals, researchers and students, but also a general exhibition and other activities to involve the citizens of the local community.

The scientific meeting and scientific exhibition will be held at the main venue, Tokyo International Forum. The general exhibition will take place in the Marunouchi and Yurakucho districts around Tokyo and adjacent Yurakucho stations. Street marketing/promotion and related events are also planned.

Congrès was in charge of the overall scientific meeting operations for the previous congress, “30th General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress 2019 Chubu,” and we tackled delivery of a “smart convention,” fully utilizing cutting-edge IT technology such as our facial recognition system.

Looking toward the 31st Congress in 2023, we intend to make best use of the expertise and knowhow we have accumulated through our experiences up to now to execute a scientific meeting and exhibitions that befit the new era.

31st General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress 2023 Tokyo

Dates and venues:
・Scientific meeting: April 21 (Fri.) – 23 (Sun.), 2023; Tokyo International Forum
・Scientific exhibition: April 20 (Thu.) – 23 (Sun.), 2023; Tokyo International Forum)
・General exhibition: April 15 (Sat.) – 23 (Sun.), 2023; Tokyo/Marunouchi & Yurakucho areas