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Message to all medical professionals fighting on the frontlines against COVID-19

Message to all medical professionals fighting on the frontlines against COVID-19

Congrès Inc. has had many opportunities to work together with active medical professionals, including medical researchers, doctors, nurses, medical technicians and others, through our work in managing medical congresses and various conferences related to the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

We have intimately sensed the passion and devotion you all hold toward medical treatment and care, and over the years we have felt grateful and proud to be able to support, in albeit a small way, your activities and efforts through our work.

And now, in the midst of the expanding novel coronavirus outbreak as we watch the news each day with bated breath, our hearts constantly go out to all of you fighting this virus on the front lines, and we desire more than ever to find a way to be of service to you.

When I conveyed these thoughts to some of the doctors I know, they invariably responded; “Just simply, don’t get infected and don’t infect others. Above all, this is most important.”

All of us at Congrès Inc. are committed and striving to protect ourselves from infection, by implementing remote work throughout our company and carefully managing our own personal health. Going forward, we pledge to continue to seek and consider means to be of service to all of you engaged in medical care, which in turn could, even in a small way, contribute to society.

As you go about your extremely arduous duties, I hope that each and every one of you will take good care of your own health, and please remember that many people are sending you loud claps and cheers of encouragement, with heartfelt appreciation.

Congrès Inc.

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