Message from the President

Noriko Takeuchi,President

Noriko Takeuchi

Congress Corporation, since its establishment in 1990, has dedicated ourselves to fostering various milieux for communication, with conventions as our core business. The domains we engage in extend over a broad range, from high profile state-level meetings such as the G8 Summit, to medical research & treatment, global environment, science & technology, finance, equal participation of women & men in society, culture and sports. Wherever issues of concern to society are being debated, Congress Corporation is there.

In today’s increasingly complex global society, where technological innovation advances at an ever dramatic pace, we believe that face-to-face communication is all the more essential. As our world evolves, Congress Corporation intends to strive forward in concert, to respond to the needs of tomorrow and realize our clients’ aspirations.

The Origin of the Congress Corporation Logo

The Congress Corporation logo is a combination of three Cs:

1.  Commitment to putting quality first
2.  Contribution to society through regional development and internationalization
3.  Capable staff gathered together as part of the Congress Corporation team

Congress Corporation will strive forward with firm resolve as an integrated entity, to put our philosophy into practice and continue to pursue new challenges, to be a company that is of service to all, and one that our customers can rely on.