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Meetings & Events Sustainability Policy

Meetings & Events Sustainability Policy

Meetings & Events Sustainability Policy

・We will uphold our corporate philosophy comprising 3 basic principles: 1) Commitment to putting quality first, 2) Contribution to society through regional development and internationalization and 3) Capable staff gathered together as part of the Congrès team, and contribute to solving issues in society through the creation of meetings & events that are fora for communication.

・We will consistently engage in communication, aiming to produce diverse and dynamically evolving fora where people can interact, leading to further promotion of mutual understanding.

・We will implement our “Congrès Inc. SDGs Declaration” at our meetings and events.

Congrès Inc. SDGs Declaration

    Congrès Inc. undertakes to promote the sustainable growth of our business and employees, to contribute to solving society’s issues through the creation and advancement of sustainable fora for MICE, and to realizing a society in line with the UN SDGs that “Leaves No One Behind.”

Course of Action

    ・We will advocate sustainable meetings & events and place priority on proactively tackling the following:
     (1)Create and advance sustainable fora for meetings & events toward solving issues in society.
     (2)Reduce the burden on the environment at meetings & events and in our business operations, as well as promote activities to preserve the environment.

    ・We pledge that all of our employees will execute their work with integrity, openness and without discrimination.
    ・We will establish and operate a meetings & events sustainability management system under the leadership of top management, and continuously undertake Kaizen.
    ・We will reconfirm our compliance with laws and regulations, etc. related to meetings & events and our business operations.

Congrès Inc.
Date of enactment: September 7, 2022

Note: This integrates our environmental policy.

Basic Policy on Green Procurement

Congrès Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Congrès”) is committed to endeavors to reduce its environmental impact and simultaneously aim for a recycle-oriented society through promoting procurement that places priority on environmentally-conscious goods (Green Procurement) in connection with the procurement of goods used in execution of operations and in products & services. Therefore, we have established the following Basic Policy on Green Procurement.

Basic Policy

When Congrès procures and uses goods, Congrès will purchase the goods in consideration of the following prerequisites.

(1) The use and emissions of substances that would incur damage to the environment or human health have been reduced
(2) Consumption of resources and/or energy is minimal
(3) Resources have been acquired through sustainable methods and utilized efficiently
(4) Long-term use is possible
(5) Re-use is possible
(6) Recyclable or easy to sort for recycling
(7) Many recycled materials and/or components that contain re-used items have been used
(8) At time of disposal, treatment and disposal can be conducted with ease