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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy


As a leading company in the industry, Congrès Inc. recognizes that we have a responsibility to preserve the environment and will endeavor to perform environmental management based on a good balance between environmental conservation and business development.

We will also proactively disseminate information and proposals to the public in order to contribute to the realization and expansion of a sustainable society, as a good corporate citizen.

Basic Environmental Policy

  1. Symbiosis with our environment
    We are deeply conscious of the impact our business activities have on the environment and are committed to undertaking measures to minimize our environmental footprint and prevent pollution.
  2. Advocate environmental conservation in the community
    We will proactively engage in planning and proposing environmentally-conscious services when conducting business, to advocate and inspire environmental conservation in the community.
  3. Promulgation to employees and all of our business partners
    We will ensure that our environmental policy is effectively disseminated to all employees, simultaneously strengthen our business partners’ environmental consciousness and promote activities to conserve the environment.
  4. Environmental management
    We will appoint an Environmental Steering Manager and establish an Environmental Steering Committee that will conduct regular reviews and implement continual improvements utilizing the PDCA cycle to attain effective achievements.

Action Guidelines

  1. Congrès Inc. will promote green meetings and events in line with our core commitment to provide high quality services to our clients, proactively focusing on the following agenda:
    • We will promote conservation of paper resources
    • We will endeavor to control waste generation and simultaneously promote waste reduction,
      effective use and reuse of resources, proper waste disposal and recycling
    • We will promote energy conservation
    • We will promote green purchasing
    • We will promote local production for local consumption
    • We will encourage our business partners to adopt environmentally-conscious practices
  2. We will measure precisely how our business activities impact the environment, develop systems for administering our environmental management apparatus and company regulations, and endeavor to continually conduct reviews and improvements.
  3. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and all other requirements to which our company has agreed.

Noriko Takeuchi
Congrès Inc.

August 1, 2009
Last Revised: June 25, 2013

Environmental Conservation Activities

Environmentally friendly conventions

In recent years, sustainability has become an important element of conventions, along with “green,” environmental considerations.
Whether it be selection of a suitable destination & venue, transportation and shipping methods, catering, exhibition or printed material production and clerical tasks, there are various ways to incorporate environmental considerations when convening a congress, to meet each organizer’s goals, requirements and budget. Congrès Inc., as a leading company in the industry, engages in planning and proposing environmentally-conscious conventions based on our wealth of experience and the latest information & technology.

Major achievements in conferences with an environmental theme

Congrès Inc. has been actively involved in operating conferences on issues related to the environment, including the following:

  • International Symposium, Kyoto Smart City Expo 2014
  • Entrusted with PR and other duties for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (2014)
  • C40 Tokyo Workshop (C40’s Private Sector Buildings Energy Efficiency Network (PSBEEN)) (2014)
  • UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) (2014)
  • The 15th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting Among Japan, Korea and China (2013)
  • International Conference on Climate Change and Coral Reef Conservation (2013)
  • The Earth Hall of Fame KYOTO Award Ceremony (2010)
  • G8 Environment Ministers Meeting (2008, 2000)
  • G8 Energy Ministerial Meeting (2008)
  • DIOXIN 2007 (27th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants)
  • World Mayors Council on Climate Change (2007)
  • Ministerial Conference on the 3rd World Water Forum (2003)
  • 9th International Conference on the Conservation and Management of Lakes (2001)
  • Eco-Partnership Tokyo Conference (UN & Tokyo Metropolitan Government) (1998)
  • The 3rd Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP3) (1997)

Activities within our organization

At Congrès Inc., we take the environment seriously, throughout our organization.

We have established mid- and long-term goals for compliance and to minimize our impact on the environment, and all of our employees are united together in committing themselves to continuous improvements. In addition, we are striving to reduce our environmental footprint indirectly by advocating green meetings through efforts to encourage organizers of large-scale conventions that have the potential to influence society.

Congrès Inc. participates in “Fun to Share,” a new climate change campaign launched by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan on March 26, 2014, aiming to realize a low-carbon society.

Contact for inquiries

For inquiries, complaints or consultation, please contact our Environmental Secretariat:

Environmental Secretariat

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Congrès Inc. has acquired the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification
Certified by: United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)
Accreditation audit conducted by: Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.
Date of Certification: December 7, 2009