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Compliance Policy

Compliance Policy

Compliance at Congrès Inc.

Congrès Inc. (hereafter Congrès) hereby confirms the company’s basic principles related to compliance and the code of conduct for directors, officers, managers and employees. Congrès’ representative director will thoroughly instill these principles and conduct internally, and simultaneously organize an effective internal structure.

Basic Principles

  1. Congrès’ corporate philosophy has 3 basic principles; 1) Commitment to putting quality first, 2) Contribution to society through regional development and internationalization and 3) Capable staff gathered together as part of the Congrès team. Congrès is committed to striving forward as an integrated entity toward realization of these principles to an even greater extent.
  2. Congrès defines compliance to be our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, societal norms and all internal company regulations, under which we conduct our business activities.
  3. Congrès confirms that compliance is mandatory in order to realize the principles mentioned under 1. above.
  4. Every director, officer, manager and employee of Congrès has a thorough understanding of the Basic Principles and will act in accordance with the Code of Conduct set forth below.

Code of Conduct

  1. Respect each and every person’s human rights and personal character and never discriminate.
  2. Never engage in any conduct that constitutes harassment, including sexual harassment, power harassment and bullying; such conduct will not be tolerated.
  3. Comply with all concerned laws and conduct all business activities and transactions in an equal, just and appropriate manner.
  4. Execute all of Congrès’ business activities in a sincere manner and never engage in any conduct that would cause damage to Congrès’ reputation or credibility.
  5. When conducting business transactions, never engage in any conduct that would constitute receipt of illegal profits. Acceptance or provision of gifts and business hospitality will not exceed socially-accepted levels.
  6. Pay meticulous attention to personal information. Manage and protect personal information appropriately. Furthermore, non-disclosure of confidential information will continue even following an employee’s resignation from his/her post or from the company.
  7. Manage and protect all of Congrès’ confidential information as well as confidential information obtained on other parties in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, non-disclosure of confidential information will continue even following an employee’s resignation from his/her post or from the company.
  8. Maintain a high level of awareness of the significance of information systems’ power and scope of influence, and utilize the systems appropriately.
  9. Protect Congrès’ intellectual assets. Also, respect and never infringe upon the intellectual assets of other parties.
  10. Conduct all accounting procedures related to expenditure and assets, etc. in an appropriate manner and strive to secure Congrès’ administrative credibility.
  11. Endeavor to reduce the burden on the environment in order to realize a better environment and sustainable growth.
  12. Always take a firm stand in the face of anti-social forces and never associate with anti-social forces.
  13. Endeavor to contribute to the community and society, as a good citizen and as one who belongs to a company that is a good corporate citizen.
  14. Engage in globalization of business activities, comply with international laws and respect each country’s and region’s culture and customs.
  15. Maintain a high level of alert toward taking pre-emptive measures to prevent accidents or incidents. In the event that an accident or incident should occur, strive to minimize the scope of impact.

Date of Enactment: March 1, 2016