Exceptional Global Communication Team supporting the Industry Leader

Congress Corporation has extensive experience in global communication gained through operation of a wide spectrum of conferences and events, including state-level governmental meetings such as the G8 Summit and large-scale events. Utilizing this experience and our network spanning the world, we provide reliable communication services including interpretation and translation that are essential to the success of any international meeting, from large-scale conferences, exhibitions, expositions, sporting events, or academic conferences to more intimate corporate meetings.


We offer top quality multi-lingual interpretation services to meet the demanding requirements of our clients, leading to the success of your project.


Our interpreters are capable of working with precision in any forum, whether it may be a political leadership summit or high-profile international congress, major sporting event, exposition or academic conference. Congress Corporation’s network of professional interpreters includes many who are members of AIIC, and they are carefully selected under strict standards by our coordinators for each project, which has earned us a good reputation. It is often said that the success of an international event depends on the interpreters. We are well aware of the key role that interpreters perform and are committed to providing top level language services.


English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and others. Please feel free to consult with us regarding any language.


We can provide interpreters not only for any location in Japan, but also overseas. Please contact us to discuss.

Fields of specialty

Politics, economics, medicine, pharmaceutics, finance, banking, environment, energy, law, intellectual property, telecommunications, biotechnology, automotive, business, art and culture, literature, sports, peace, disarmament, beauty, health, exhibitions/expositions, various events, and numerous other fields.

Translation and Production Services

In addition to the high quality and speedy services we are known for, we launched a new group company, Congress Global Communications, to meet the increasingly specialized and comprehensive needs of our clients in today’s environment. To learn more about the diverse services we can provide, please visit the Congress Global Communications website.