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Management of prestigious meetings
and 90 facilities throughout Japan

Founded in 1990, Congrès Inc.’s core business is convention management. Our company has a solid record of achievements in planning and operating numerous prestigious meetings & events that have left a legacy, including the 2012 Tokyo Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) & the World Bank Group and the G7 Ise-Shima summit in 2016. Congrès also manages large-scale conferences of medical and academic societies, both domestic and international, which serve as fora for generation of new ideas and knowledge. Through supporting these kinds of meetings, we are also, contributing to the further development of science and medicine.

Congrès also utilizes the extensive expertise we have accumulated through managing conferences and in hospitality in our other business domains, including management of the first full-scale MICE convention center owned and operated by a private company, Knowledge Capital – Congrès Convention Center, as well as culture & tourism facilities such as observation decks, aquaria and science museums. We are appointed to manage a total of 90 facilities throughout Japan. Our company has undertaken further expansion into sports business and self-produced exhibitions and events.

Utilize your experience & inquisitiveness at Congrès Inc.!

If you are interested in working for Congrès Inc., please send us your CV for consideration when we may have openings.


Maximizing your motivation and supporting your growth

Our employees are encouraged to proactively raise their hand to challenge themselves to work that interests them, and we give opportunities to people who are motivated. This is our corporate culture.
Congrès provides a foundation for our employees’ self-development, with various schemes in place including the “Mentor scheme,” through which employees can obtain advice from your more senior colleagues, “External training scheme” that offers regular learning opportunities and “Skill-enhancing seminars” held in-house. In addition, our junior employees have a networking meeting on a regular basis, from which various ideas and requests are generated, such as “I’d like to be involved in work related to such-and-such” or “I’m really interested in creating a cultural program like such-and-such.”

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Various work styles

Congrès has a diverse workforce and women account for half of all employees. Various work styles are available, and we have many long-term career employees who have taken maternity/paternity leave and then returned to work, those who have returned to their former position while on shortened working hours, those who have transferred from shift-based jobs at facilities to office jobs, and more. In recent years, we have introduced remote work and a staggered working hour system, offering an environment in which employees can build their careers while working in varied ways.

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Fora where new ideas emerge

Creating fora where new ideas emerge. This concept is important to Congrès and is reflected in our Tokyo Headquarters’ offices. Through meeting rooms that encourage people to change their perspectives and ways of thinking, work areas with open, unassigned seating and common areas with sofas or counter seating, we endeavor to energize communication between employees and departments to facilitate the generation of new ideas on a daily basis.

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