The 79th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, held at Knowledge Capital – Congrès Convention Center and other venues, was a big success!


The Japanese Circulation Society held their annual meeting this year in 2 districts of Osaka for the first time, utilizing the Osaka International Convention Center as the primary venue in the Nakanoshima district and Knowledge Capital – Congrès Convention Center in the Grand Front complex of the Umeda district.
This was the first case for a large-scale scientific association conference to use Knowledge Capital – Congrès Convention Center as a venue.

Graced with good weather, the meeting attracted not only doctors, medical staff and related corporate representatives from around the country, but also the general public who visited the exhibits geared for citizens. As a result, the meeting was a resounding success, filled with the sparkle and charm that only Osaka can produce!

In order to ensure smooth on-site operations, several new schemes were put into place, including shuttle buses provided for transport between Grand Front and the Nakanoshima area, and special services offered by tenant shops for meeting participants, thanks to the cooperation of many people involved at Grand Front Osaka.

Congrès Convention Center is approaching its 2nd anniversary. All of us at Congress Corporation are looking forward to continuing to pursue a new style of convention operations in the Osaka region, focusing on utilizing this facility to best advantage. 

  • 2015-04-26 11.02.29

    The JCS 2015 banner stands out
    in the Grand Front Osaka atrium

  • 2015-04-26 12.21.21

    Scene from the Exhibition held in the Event Hall, 3F
    Osaka International Convention Center